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How to Obtain a Canadian Travel Visa

By martymar000, eHow Editor 

US citizens or people with Green Cards do not need a visa for tourist
travel to Canada for a stay of up to three months. However, if you're not in that category but living in the United States, you'll need one. 

Instructions: 1Make sure you're eligible to apply. If you plan to visit Canada, you must have a valid travel document such as a passport, be in good health and have enough money for your stay. You may be inadmissible if you have been involved in criminal activities or human rights violations.

Step2Visit Canada's Citizenship and Immigration website (see Resources below). where you can download the application. You will be provided a list of items you'll need to properly submit your application. The fees might be subject to changes so check the website to make sure you include the correct amount. You can use the same application form for a spouse or child under 18. Step3Mail the application or apply in person. You must fill out the application form and send it with the fee to the Canadian visa office in your region. If you're close to a Canadian Embassy or Consulate, you may pick up and fill out a form there as long as you bring in all the required documents. Step4Meet with a visa officer. It is not usually required but you may have to meet with a visa officer for an interview. The Embassy will decide if they need to interview you before making a decision regarding your application. Step5Wait for your visa. The amount of time needed to process your application varies depending on the visa office where you applied. About 90% of all applications are approved or denied within seven days. The Canadian Immigration's website allows you to check your status via the Internet.

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