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How to Make More Money with Your Blog

By Julie Mayfield, eHow Member 

Do you have a blog that uses Google Adsense as a source of revenue? Follow the steps below to make more money with your blog.


Step11 Go to

Step22Click on the 'Get keyword ideas' link, which you will find about halfway down the page under 'You create your ads'.

Step33Under 'How would you like to generate keyword ideas?' select the 'Website content' option.

Step44Enter your blog's URL in the box and click on 'get keyword ideas'. Step55Google will analyze your blog and provide you with a list of keyword ideas, grouped by various terms.

Step66Pay attention to the 'Approximate average search volume' column to get an idea of how often various keywords are searched for.

Step77In the upper right corner above your results, click on the arrow in the 'Show/hide columns' drop down box. Select 'Show estimated avg. CPC'. This gives you an idea of what advertisers pay per click for a particular keyword. While you won't receive this amount per click, you can use it to analyze which keywords might be more profitable relative to other keywords.

Step88Use all of the information gathered above to write blog posts using profitable keywords that are searched for often. Over time, this should improve Adsense revenue and help you make more money from your blog.


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