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Canadian Visa Application Forms

By Wordsmith, eHow Editor 

Considerations Before you plan a trip to Canada, be sure to check the visa requirements for travelers from your country of residence. Visa rules change based on country. Citizens of the United States are not required to acquire a visa for travel in Canada up to three months, but may require a visa for working or studying purposes. You can check your visa requirements at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Citizens who are permanent residents of the United States do not need a visa for Canada. Types Visitors may need visas for Canada depending on the purpose of their stay. Common types of Canadian visas include tourist visas, student visas and work visas. People who wish to work temporarily in Canada can apply for a work permit. In addition, the Canadian government provides expedited visas for workers that come to fill needed positions in areas such as information technology and software design. Identification In order to apply for a Canadian visa, you must be able to provide a passport that is valid for six months from your date of arrival. You must also be in good health and arrive with sufficient financial means to support you during your stay. In addition, travelers to Canada must be able to convince an immigration officer that they will leave Canada at the end of their visit. Time Frame To apply for a Canadian visa, you must first download the application kit from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, or contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate to have one mailed to you. After you have read the guide, you should complete the application forms and include the required documents, which include two recent passport photos, a passport, an application fee and proof of sufficient funds. After you mail the required documents, the processing time will depend on the workload of your visa office. Additionally, you may be required to have an interview with a visa officer and a medical exam, which will extend the visa processing time. Warning The Canadian government has the right to refuse admission into Canada based on a number of factors. These factors include a criminal record, human rights violations or involvement in organized crime.  

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