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United States Visa for Medical Treatment(s

If applicant is visiting the United Sates for medical reasons, you can enter the United States on a B-2 visitor visa. Like a visitor for pleasure, you must apply for a visa and demonstrate your visa eligibility.

B2 Visa Qualifications

The U.S. consular officer decides if the applicant is eligible to enter the United States or not.  The following is the qualification criteria by which the consular will grant the visitor visa.

It is a presumption that every visitor visa applicant is an intending immigrant (has an intention to stay back in the U.S. permanently). Therefore, applicants for visitor visas must overcome this presumption by demonstrating that:

The purpose of their trip is to enter the U.S. for business, pleasure, or medical treatment.
That they plan to remain for a specific and limited period.
Evidence of funds to cover expenses in the United States;
Evidence of compelling social and economic ties abroad; and
That they have a residence outside the U.S. as well as other binding ties which will insure their return abroad at the end of the visit.
Visa for Medical Treatment Application Procedure

Step 1:  Make an interview appointment.
Interview at the embassy consular section is required for applicants age 14 through 79. For children 13 and younger and people 80 and older most of the time do not require an interview, unless requested otherwise.

Wait times for interview appointments and visa processing time information for each U.S. Embassy or Consulate worldwide can be found on the United States Department of State website.

Step 2: Interview

See visa required documents that need to be brought to the visitor visa interview.

Step 2: Fingerprinting
A quick, two-digit, ink-free fingerprint scan will be taken, most likely during the interview.

Step 3: Additional Screening
Some applicants will require additional screening and will be notified so when applying for the Visa. These clearances may take several weeks or longer. Please plan for the possibility of a delay in the issuance of a visa. Make your visa application well in advance of your intended travel.

Required Documents for the Interview

Each applicant must have the following documents for the interview:

Application Form DS-156 completed and signed. 
Option 1: Download, print and fill out the form and bring to the interview
Option 2.  Fill out the form online and submit is on-line.     
Note: You still need to bring a printed copy of the application form to the interview. Current and valid passport or travel document Your Photograph
Requirements are strict for photograph size, type and quality.
See details for photograph requirements Application fees. Link to fee page here
All applicants must pay the application fee. Some applicants, according to nationality and type of visa, must also pay an issuance fee.
See Details on Appliction and Issuance Fees Evidence of funds to cover your expenses in the United States Evidence of compelling social and economic ties abroad
In addition to the standard visitor visa requirements, you need to bring the following information about your medical treatment:

A diagnosis from a doctor about your medical condition.
The doctor must explain why you must go to the U.S. for medical treatment. A letter from a doctor or hospital in the United States stating the following: Statement of willingness to treat your medical condition, Estimate of the costs of the treatment, including doctor's fees, costs of hospitalization and other medical expenses and, Estimate of length of treatment.
Proof that you (or your sponsor) have sufficient funds to pay your travel and medical expenses in the United States. (This can be in the form of bank account statements, etc.)
Note: It is important to note that individuals suffering certain afflictions, e.g. contagious diseases, may be ineligible according to the United States Immigration and Nationality Act to receive visas. Person may apply but approval is not assured.

Where to Apply for the Visitor Visa?

Applicants for visitor visas should generally apply at the American Embassy or Consulate with jurisdiction over their place of permanent residence. Although visa applicants may apply at any U.S. consular office abroad, it may be more difficult to qualify for the visa outside the country of permanent residence.

Find the nearest United States consulate to you

Visa Denial or Refusal

If the consular officer should find it necessary to deny the issuance of a visitor visa, the applicant may apply again if there is new evidence to overcome the basis for the refusal. In the absence of new evidence, consular officers are not obliged to re-examine such cases. 


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