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How to Get a Canadian Visa

By Darrel Russel, eHow Editor

Canada is one of the world’s most exciting countries. Where else can you be in a major metropolitan area like Toronto or Vancouver one day and travel to the barren wilderness the next all while staying inside the border? Canada is a very popular place for people to immigrate, which is why Canada has a very specific system for applying for Visas.

How to Get a Canadian Visa Step11Determine the type of Visa you need. The Canadian government offers a variety of Visas for newcomers. These include temporary work visas, visitor, holiday, skilled worker, student, family, marriage and business. Step22Visit the Canadian government’s visa website and take their free assessment. This will help you save time and effort filling out visa applications if you will not qualify. The purpose of the assessment is to help determine which visa is right for you and whether you will have a chance applying. Step33Find employment in Canada. This is a necessity for a work visa and is your best opportunity for remaining in the country. For all work visas this is a requirement and often you have to prove the job’s permanence. Step44Get accepted to a university in Canada in order to get a student visa. While it is possible to get a visa for high school study, this is the most common and usually the easiest to acquire. Proof of acceptance is a huge step in the visa process. Step55Marry a Canadian citizen. This is another way to quickly obtain a visa. Canada will award you a visa if your spouse is a Canadian citizen, this will also help you if you ever choose to try to become a naturalized Canadian citizen down the road.   

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