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How to Visit Hollywood

By eHow Travel Editor 

 Hollywood, located northwest of downtown Los Angeles, is synonymous with the film industry. Once an agricultural center, Hollywood began making movies in 1913 and by the First World War had become the world's film-making center. Today, many of the studios and stars reside elsewhere, but Hollywood still means "movies" to anyone who hears the name.


Step1 Explore Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood Boulevard, and the intersecting Vine Street, are home to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a collection of over 2300 stars embedded in the sidewalk honoring individuals who have contributed to the film, television, recording and radio industries. Hollywood Boulevard is also home to Grauman's Chinese Theater, built in 1927. The sidewalk and courtyard of Grauman's feature handprints and footprints of scores of Hollywood stars.

Step2Tour Paramount Studios. The only working studio left in Hollywood proper, Paramount offers guided two-hour tours about the history and behind-the-scenes action at the Paramount facility. Advance reservations are required. Call (323) 956-1777. Step3Take in a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. The Hollywood Bowl, located on Highland Avenue, opened in 1922. The open-air amphitheater with the shell-shaped stage surround, is the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. In addition, the venue hosts a full schedule of summer music concerts, featuring music from a wide range of genres. Step4See the sign. The sign, the symbol of Hollywood known throughout the world, was put up in 1923 as a real estate advertisement. It's visible from all over town, but for an unobstructed view, cruise up Mulholland Drive. There's a small overlook and parking lot about half way up the hill.



How to Choose an Immigration Lawyer

By Jennifer McFadyen, eHow Editor 

Immigrating to the U.S. can be an overwhelming process. While application can be made without the aid of a lawyer, if you have a complicated situation or would just feel more at ease getting help from someone with legal experience, you’ll want to hire an immigration lawyer.The following list can help you choose an immigration lawyer that’s right for you.


Step1 Your lawyer should be a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. While membership is not necessary, being a member can be an indication of the lawyer’s level of commitment.

Step2Compare fee schedules. Some immigration lawyers bill by the hour while others charge a flat fee for a particular service. Avoid anything far above or far below the average. Step3Ask friends, neighbours or colleagues for references. People are quick to recommend a good lawyer and equally as quick to steer you clear of a poor one. Step4Ask the lawyer if she has experience in your type of case. Immigration law is a large field and you’ll want a lawyer who specializes in your type, such as employment or family immigration. Be wary of lawyers who say they specialize in every type. Step5Ask the lawyer how often you can expect him to be in contact with you and in what way can you contact him. Make sure you’re comfortable with how often information will be shared and in what manner. Step6Once you’ve narrowed down your list, contact the local state bar to find out if the lawyers are licensed, in good standing, and if disciplinary actions have ever been taken against them. Step7Ask the lawyer for client references to get a better understanding of the lawyer’s work style.  


How to Sponsor a Foreign Spouse to Immigrate to Canada

By Jennifer McFadyen, eHow Editor 

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may sponsor your foreign spouse’s immigration to Canada. The application consists of two parts: an application by the Canadian citizen or resident for sponsorship, and an application by the foreign spouse for permanent residence. You are eligible to apply whether you currently reside within or outside of Canada, although you and your spouse must take up residence in Canada upon approval. The applications for both sponsorship and permanent residence should be filled out and sent at the same time.


Step1 Determine your eligibility. An application for Family Class sponsorship can be made if your spouse lives inside or outside Canada. If you live in Quebec, you must also meet Quebec immigration sponsorship requirements.

Step2Prepare the application kit and include any necessary documents. Step3Pay the fee and get the necessary receipt. Step4Mail the application form and documents. Step5After applying, the sponsor is notified that the application has been received and the Case Processing Centre will review your sponsorship application. Step6Once approved, your spouse's application for permanent residence will be processed. If your spouse is applying for permanent residence from outside Canada, the Case Processing Centre will send the application by courier to the appropriate visa office in your spouse's home country. Step7Your spouse may now travel to Canada. At the point of entry, show your travel documents, Confirmation of Permanent Residence and your permanent resident visa to the immigration officer. Step8The officer will make sure your travel and immigration documents are correct, ask you some questions and then approve your entry. Your permanent resident card will be mailed to your new, Canadian address.  


How to Obtain a Canadian Travel Visa

By martymar000, eHow Editor 

US citizens or people with Green Cards do not need a visa for tourist
travel to Canada for a stay of up to three months. However, if you're not in that category but living in the United States, you'll need one. 

Instructions: 1Make sure you're eligible to apply. If you plan to visit Canada, you must have a valid travel document such as a passport, be in good health and have enough money for your stay. You may be inadmissible if you have been involved in criminal activities or human rights violations.

Step2Visit Canada's Citizenship and Immigration website (see Resources below). where you can download the application. You will be provided a list of items you'll need to properly submit your application. The fees might be subject to changes so check the website to make sure you include the correct amount. You can use the same application form for a spouse or child under 18. Step3Mail the application or apply in person. You must fill out the application form and send it with the fee to the Canadian visa office in your region. If you're close to a Canadian Embassy or Consulate, you may pick up and fill out a form there as long as you bring in all the required documents. Step4Meet with a visa officer. It is not usually required but you may have to meet with a visa officer for an interview. The Embassy will decide if they need to interview you before making a decision regarding your application. Step5Wait for your visa. The amount of time needed to process your application varies depending on the visa office where you applied. About 90% of all applications are approved or denied within seven days. The Canadian Immigration's website allows you to check your status via the Internet.


Canadian Visa Application Forms

By Wordsmith, eHow Editor 

Considerations Before you plan a trip to Canada, be sure to check the visa requirements for travelers from your country of residence. Visa rules change based on country. Citizens of the United States are not required to acquire a visa for travel in Canada up to three months, but may require a visa for working or studying purposes. You can check your visa requirements at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Citizens who are permanent residents of the United States do not need a visa for Canada. Types Visitors may need visas for Canada depending on the purpose of their stay. Common types of Canadian visas include tourist visas, student visas and work visas. People who wish to work temporarily in Canada can apply for a work permit. In addition, the Canadian government provides expedited visas for workers that come to fill needed positions in areas such as information technology and software design. Identification In order to apply for a Canadian visa, you must be able to provide a passport that is valid for six months from your date of arrival. You must also be in good health and arrive with sufficient financial means to support you during your stay. In addition, travelers to Canada must be able to convince an immigration officer that they will leave Canada at the end of their visit. Time Frame To apply for a Canadian visa, you must first download the application kit from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, or contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate to have one mailed to you. After you have read the guide, you should complete the application forms and include the required documents, which include two recent passport photos, a passport, an application fee and proof of sufficient funds. After you mail the required documents, the processing time will depend on the workload of your visa office. Additionally, you may be required to have an interview with a visa officer and a medical exam, which will extend the visa processing time. Warning The Canadian government has the right to refuse admission into Canada based on a number of factors. These factors include a criminal record, human rights violations or involvement in organized crime.  


How to Get a Canadian Visa

By Darrel Russel, eHow Editor

Canada is one of the world’s most exciting countries. Where else can you be in a major metropolitan area like Toronto or Vancouver one day and travel to the barren wilderness the next all while staying inside the border? Canada is a very popular place for people to immigrate, which is why Canada has a very specific system for applying for Visas.

How to Get a Canadian Visa Step11Determine the type of Visa you need. The Canadian government offers a variety of Visas for newcomers. These include temporary work visas, visitor, holiday, skilled worker, student, family, marriage and business. Step22Visit the Canadian government’s visa website and take their free assessment. This will help you save time and effort filling out visa applications if you will not qualify. The purpose of the assessment is to help determine which visa is right for you and whether you will have a chance applying. Step33Find employment in Canada. This is a necessity for a work visa and is your best opportunity for remaining in the country. For all work visas this is a requirement and often you have to prove the job’s permanence. Step44Get accepted to a university in Canada in order to get a student visa. While it is possible to get a visa for high school study, this is the most common and usually the easiest to acquire. Proof of acceptance is a huge step in the visa process. Step55Marry a Canadian citizen. This is another way to quickly obtain a visa. Canada will award you a visa if your spouse is a Canadian citizen, this will also help you if you ever choose to try to become a naturalized Canadian citizen down the road.   


How to Make More Money with Your Blog

By Julie Mayfield, eHow Member 

Do you have a blog that uses Google Adsense as a source of revenue? Follow the steps below to make more money with your blog.


Step11 Go to

Step22Click on the 'Get keyword ideas' link, which you will find about halfway down the page under 'You create your ads'.

Step33Under 'How would you like to generate keyword ideas?' select the 'Website content' option.

Step44Enter your blog's URL in the box and click on 'get keyword ideas'. Step55Google will analyze your blog and provide you with a list of keyword ideas, grouped by various terms.

Step66Pay attention to the 'Approximate average search volume' column to get an idea of how often various keywords are searched for.

Step77In the upper right corner above your results, click on the arrow in the 'Show/hide columns' drop down box. Select 'Show estimated avg. CPC'. This gives you an idea of what advertisers pay per click for a particular keyword. While you won't receive this amount per click, you can use it to analyze which keywords might be more profitable relative to other keywords.

Step88Use all of the information gathered above to write blog posts using profitable keywords that are searched for often. Over time, this should improve Adsense revenue and help you make more money from your blog.